The mural celebrates 100 years since the vote was first extended to some women in Manitoba in 1916. The mural portrays a scene from the play “The Women’s Parliament,” a performance put on by Manitoba Suffragists in 1914, created by local Winnipeg artist, Mandy Van Leeuwen.

The mural, features Nellie McClung in the centre playing the role of the Premier in the Women’s Parliament. Seated to the right are a number of women who played parliamentarians in the play. These women do not represent specific women, but instead represent the many, many women who worked for women’s suffrage in Canada.

The mural is located at 560 Sargent Avenue, Winnipeg, MB.

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Source: Artist, Mandy Van Leeuwen (

Source: Artist, Mandy Van Leeuwen (


Trivia/Educational Cards

The following trivia cards were developed as a fun game to test your knowledge or the people and concepts hidden within the mural. Each piece of the mural has its own concept and meaning. Use these cards to discover all of the different elements of the mural.