The Nellie McClung Foundation is launching a project “Faces and Places of Manitoba Women”. This will include a collection of maps, walking tours, write-ups of the women’s journeys and monuments or plaques which appear in public places.

It will focus on the Trailblazers, monuments- where they exist, buildings named after women who have contributed to Winnipeg/Manitoba and women who are featured in murals. There will also be an attempt to outline the role that women played in certain historical events – such as the Winnipeg Strike – where current historical representation may not include women’s roles.

Not only will the maps have sites noted on them but also the historical importance of the woman (or the women whom she represents) noted in a write-up of the period and of the contributions to Winnipeg/Manitoba.

It will be designed to:

  1. Highlight the contribution of women.
  2. Identify the role that women had in important events, often where the role is not understood or has had little recognition. For example, the women of the fur trade, the women healers/midwives, the one room teachers and others who have faded from knowledge.
  3. Women’s history will be presented in an engaging way for use in walking and driving tours, for picnicking and viewing.


The Nellie McClung Foundation is asking for assistance in identifying sites that may qualify for inclusion in the book.

Please complete the following form to submit a ‘Face’ or ‘Place’ to be included in the book:

Nomination Form