The Nellie McClung Foundation provides educational resources to recognize the women and men who fought for equality.

Our content contributors have extensive experience and expertise. As retired teachers, principals and consultants, they firmly believe that all children/students can learn; they simply need to be taught in a manner that recognizes their various learning styles, and they especially need to be provided with material that they can read themselves. In this sense we refer to ‘reading’ as comprehension, or making meaning. As a result, in our Learning Plans we’ve really concentrated on helping teachers learn new strategies especially for activating prior knowledge, building vocabulary, and providing them with different ways to help students learn – to go way beyond lecturing or telling students about Nellie McClung and the women’s movement.

For Students


In 1916, Manitoba was the first province in Canada, to grant women the right to vote in Provincial Elections and the right to sit in the Provincial Legislature in 1916.

Nellie McClung was one of five women who fought for and won the right for women in Canada to be recognized as persons in the British North American (BNA) Act.

Never retract, never explain, never apologize – get the thing done and let them howl!

Nellie McClung, 1915

For Educators


The Learning Plans have been designed to meet the Manitoba Social Studies curriculum, with gracious input from those who design and write our provincial social studies programs. In Manitoba, Nellie McClung and the history of the Women’s movement is presently studied in Grades 4 & 6 as well as Grades 9 & 11.