October 28, 2013

Nellie McClung Foundation Establishes Endowment Funds for Advancement of Women

After the successful campaign to erect a statue of Nellie McClung and unveiling on the grounds of Manitoba’s Legislative grounds in 2010, the Nellie McClung Foundation is pleased to announce its latest achievement: the establishment of two endowment funds.

At the foundation’s own Nellie McClung Legacy Event on October 14, 2011, amongst a group of politicians, media and ‘friends’ who have strongly supported the organization’s mandate, Lila Goodspeed, Chair of the Board of Directors, announced the Foundation’s latest initiative to establish and maintain an endowment for the advancement of women.

“We know that these funds are important for Manitoba women and will help us keep our commitment to our original mandate” says Lila. “Through these funds, we want to inspire women to succeed in their respective fields and to highlight the legacy of Nellie McClung and her peers.”

Women’s equality and rights have come a long way since Nellie’s time, and the Foundation wishes to encourage many more generations of women to pave the way for innovation and growth in society.

The first fund – the Nellie McClung Foundation Bursary Fund – will support an individual studying in the area of advancement of Women. The second fund – the Nellie McClung Foundation Legacy Endowment Fund will recognize and support women of exceptional talent through the Nellie McClung Foundation Legacy Award – a unique grant for women undertaking creative works with an emphasis on social justice. Nominations will be open to those working in the literary, performing, visual, film/media and visual arts. The endowment fund may also be used from time to time to distinguish women, like McClung, who are pioneers in their field.

All funds are administered by The Winnipeg Foundation, which will provide an official charitable tax receipt for all donations.

To support the work of the Nelie McClung Foundation, or if you wish to earmark funds to support one of these endowments, please visit the Winnipeg Foundation website at (http://wpgfdn.org/agency-funds-detail.php?entry_id=14899).

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