October 28, 2013

Nellie and her Peers Honoured as Minister John Baird Unveils New Canadian Passport

Nellie Passport The Nellie McClung Foundation congratulates Minister John Baird on his announcement that the new Canadian Passport will feature Nellie McClung – and the famous five. Having these women as one of the watermarks on the passport acknowledges their roles as pivotal figures in Canadian history as they join other figures such as explorer Samuel de Champlain, and Prime Ministers Sir John A. MacDonald and Sir Wilfred Laurier.

“Not only does the inclusion of Nellie and her peers pay their legacy a great tribute, it also acknowledges the role that these women played in Canadian citizenship and continues to inspire us to better value and exercise the significant and hard-won rights that we hold today.” said Lila Goodspeed, Chair of the Nellie McClung Foundation.

“Nellie and her peers fought to address inequalities; their social justice message is as relevant today as it was 100 years ago” said Foundation Board Member and spokesperson Doris Mae Oulton…. “By including her image – their image – on the new passport for Canada, it ensures that their role in helping shape the fabric of our society and our reputation in the world is remembered.”

Formed in 2005, The Nellie McClung Foundation is dedicated to educating Canadians about Nellie McClung and preserving her legacy. Their website, https://www.ournellie.com/// is dedicated to preserving the legacy of the work of Nellie and to promote a renewed spirit of democracy.

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