Nellie_McClung_With_BooksThe express purpose of The Nellie McClung Foundation is two-part: to raise funds to create, erect and maintain a memorial commemorating the work of Nellie McClung as a member of the ‘Famous Five’ on the grounds of the Manitoba Legislature; and through this enduring legacy, and website, to educate the public about her passion and achievements in the pursuit of women’s and human rights.

How easy it is for those not versed in our history to take for granted the hard-won rights and privileges we now hold. Nellie McClung and her peers are an example of what each of us can achieve through hard work, passion and perseverance. Her life’s achievements should serve among our highest aspirations. We have reason to demonstrate considerable pride in the work of one of our own.

Today, more than ever, we believe these stories and ideas need to be recognized, acknowledged, and shared.