Our content contributors have extensive experience and expertise. As retired teachers, principals and consultants, they firmly believe that all children/students can learn; they simply need to be taught in a manner that recognizes their various learning styles, and they especially need to be provided with material that they can read themselves. In this sense we refer to ‘reading’ as comprehension, or making meaning. As a result, in our Learning Plans we’ve really concentrated on helping teachers learn new strategies especially for activating prior knowledge, building vocabulary, and providing them with different ways to help students learn – to go way beyond lecturing or telling students about Nellie McClung and the women’s movement.

Tied very closely with this is the concept of ‘the gradual release of responsibility’ (download for Gradual Release of Responsibility doc.): Teachers begin with the outcomes – the knowledge of what students must learn – and they support students as they gradually take ownership of their learning.

We hope you find our contributions useful and look forward to hearing your feedback and comments any time.