Grade 9

This section currently contains materials designed for Grade 9 students looking at at the struggle to gain the vote for women in Manitoba, the Persons Case, the achievements of Nellie McClung, with references to other significant people in the struggle for women’s rights.

Grade 9 Materials: Important People and Events in the Struggle for Rights in Canada 9.1.2 Human Rights (Manitoba Curriculum)

How to use these Strategies and Materials (Word/PDF)

Timelines, Biographies and Terms

  • Nellie McClung Biography and Career Highlights (Word/PDF)
  • A Short Timeline of Women’s Rights in Canada (Word/PDF)
  • Biographies: Significant people connected to the early struggle for rights for women in Canada (1890‐1950) (Word/PDF)
  • Vocabulary: Terms, Groups /Organizations related to the struggle for rights (Word/PDF)