Grade 6

This section contains a complete Grade 6 lesson looking at a struggle for the vote and the women’s suffrage movement in Manitoba, including The Person’s Case.

The mandated Grade 6 Outcome, 6-KP-046, includes the following topics:

  • Conditions faced by women in the early years of the 20th century
  • Struggle for the vote in Manitoba: Nellie McClung and the other members of the Political Equality League.
  • Roblin and the Mock Parliament
  • The election and Norris
  • The gaining of the vote for women in other provinces.
  • The Persons Case: Nellie McClung and the Famous Five Issue
  • The Contributions of Nellie McClung

Please note that the lesson outline, the strategies, and the biography are part of the lesson. All items are integrated and so should be downloaded and used together.

Lesson Outlines

  1. Highlights of Nellie McClung’s Career for Grade 6 (Word/PDF)
  2. Lesson – Resources (Word/PDF)
  3. Nellie McClung Grade 6 Biography (Word/PDF)
  4. Nellie McClung Lesson (PDF)


  1. Listen Think Pair Share (Word/PDF)
  2. Observe and Analyze Visuals (Word/PDF)
  3. Card Sort (Word/PDF)
  4. Rotational Graffiti (Word/PDF)
  5. Vocabulary (Word/PDF)
  6. Sort and Predict (Word/PDF)
  7. Word Sort (Word/PDF)
  8. Sort and Create (Word/PDF)
  9. Vocabulary Cycle (Word/PDF)
  10. I Have, Who Has (Word/PDF)
  11. Three Point Approach (Word/PDF)
  12. Guided Reading (Word/PDF)
  13. Note Frame (Word/PDF)
  14. Numbered Heads (Word/PDF)
  15. Article Planner (Word/PDF)
  16. Memory Box (Word/PDF)