Grade 11

This section currently contains materials designed for Grade 11 students studying the achievements of Nellie McClung, the struggle for women to become enfranchised (to gain the vote) in Manitoba, and The Persons Case.

In the Manitoba Grade 11 Social Studies Curriculum, this section relates to Learning Experiences 3.2 and addresses the following parts of Cluster 3: Social Reform – Nellie McClung: Suffrage in Manitoba (1916), Persons Case (1929)

It explores the “Enduring Understanding” – “The history of Canadian citizenship is characterized by an ongoing struggle to achieve equality and social justice for all.”

Learning and Research Supports and Resources:

“Highlights of Nellie McClung’s Career” at a Grade 11 reading level and Grade 7 reading level.

In addition, the Grade 9 Lesson Supports on this website include a biography of McClung, with period pictures, written at a Grade 9 level. The Grade 6 Lesson on this website includes a biography, with period pictures, written at a Grade 6 level.

The Grade 9 lesson on this website contains two tables that would support student’s learning, including:

  • A reference table with most of the terms students will encounter as they study this topic with working definitions.
  • A table listing many of the people who played a role in the topics studied here.

Primary Sources Research Material

This site includes:

  • Newspaper articles covering events such as the Mock Parliament, the election of 1915, the Suffrage movement and the results of the Persons Case.
  • Letters sent to and from The Famous Five and the Canadian Government as well as the British Privy Council.
  • Pictures from the period.
  • A sample lession with Activating, Acquiring, and Applying Learning Strategies.

Lesson Outlines

Grade 11 Lesson: Women’s Suffrage in Manitoba and the Person’s Case (Word/PDF)
Definitions of Terms (Word/PDF)
Biographies of People Connected to the Early Struggle for Rights for Women (Word/PDF)


  • Highlights of Nellie McClung’s Career – Grade 7 Reading Level (Word/PDF)
  • Highlights of Nellie McClung’s Career – Grade 11 Reading Level (Word/PDF)


  • Re-Order the Info: Instructions, Student Copy, Teacher Copy (Word/PDF)
  • Did You Know Part A – Visuals (PDF)
  • Did You Know Instructions, Teacher and Student Answer Forms Part B (Word/PDF)
  • Sort and Predict (Word/PDF)
  • Card Sort (Word/PDF)
  • Sort and Create (Word/PDF)
  • Note Frames for Short and Long Newspaper Articles (Word/PDF)
  • Compare Similarities and Differences (Word/PDF)
  • Write a Newspaper Report (Word/PDF)
  • Note Frame for Person’s Case Letters (Word/PDF)
  • Note Frame for Primary Evidence (Word/PDF)
  • Historical Signficance Criteria (Word/PDF)
  • Artifact Box (Word/PDF)
  • Analyze the Visuals Instructions and Answer Sheets Part A (Word/PDF)
  • Analyze the Visuals – Visuals Part B (PDF)