While this website was created to educate the public about our monument and the work of Nellie McClung and her peers in the women’s movement, this section was created specifically for teachers, and ultimately their students.

It has been said by many that education is a right, but we believe it is also a gift—one we must appreciate as individuals, and as a community strive to nurture.

Presently, this section of our site is in its infancy. As a Foundation, we hope that now that the Monument to Nellie McClung and the ‘Famous Five’ has been established, it will continue to inspire future generations of young women (and men) about the value of our hard-won democratic rights, and how important it is that we as a society continue to exercise them.

Currently, this section of the site offers learning plans, links and resources. And in the future? We’d like to see this site evolve to become a community of educators, students, historians and citizens, all interested in discussion, debate, sharing knowledge, and exchanging opinions. And if those opinions are wry and witty, well, we’d like to think that Nellie would have joined in, too.

Nellie-Normal-school006-medManitoba Curricula

The Learning Plans have been designed to meet the Manitoba Social Studies curriculum, with gracious input from those who design and write our provincial social studies programs. In Manitoba, Nellie McClung and the history of the Women’s movement is presently studied in Grades 4 & 6 as well as Grades 9 & 11.